SLEEPNIGHT Premium 100% Organic Latex Pillows

100% Ten’nen yuki ratekkusu-makura 天然有机ラテックス枕 – 100% 纯天然有机乳胶枕

If you care about the environment that we live in, organic is the right choice for you. Using organic natural latex product is eco-friendly and encourages people to be thoughtful about using precious resources in a sustainable way.

Organic natural latex pillows are pure latex extracted from eco-harvested latex trees with no toxic chemicals or fillers. So one can be assured that it’s safe, comfortable and guilt-free sleeping on it. They are considered as the purest and highest quality latex pillows in the market.


They are naturally elastic so they provide good support and firmness, as the material does not pack down as quickly as other types of pillows. Latex pillows are one of the better pillows to provide neck support and good alignment of the neck and spine, as it is both cushioning and supportive, which makes it extremely comfortable to sleep on.


For those looking for ways to sleep better, using an organic latex pillow may solve your sleep worries. Choose SLEEPNIGHT premium 100% organic natural latex pillows today.

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The Company

Established in 2010, Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd’s meaningful mattress innovations and technologies have helped many people sleep well and live well. This is what differentiates Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd from many others. Headquartered in Singapore, it is currently one of the largest independent bedding manufacturers in South East Asia, wholly owned by two Singaporean directors. From humble beginnings at a small unit in Kaki Bukit, the company has grown from strength to strength to a sprawling distribution centre of 20,000 square feet in Tampines Business Park, ensuring a supply of mattresses, bedframes and bedding products both locally and overseas. The company is also strategically re-investing profits into new bedding technologies, and is committed to deliver new innovated, relevant products that make sense to the consumers. Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd is quietly becoming the leader of the bedding industry, and is determined to set a new standard to the industry.


Today, Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd has a design/research house and three manufacturing factories in Asia, and a team of highly motivated staff having more than 30 years of experience in making quality mattresses. SLEEPNIGHT brand is gaining momentum in establishing good market share in the bedding sector. SLEEPNIGHT logo trademark was registered in UK, Singapore and Malaysia with few others pending. SLEEPNIGHT continues to leverage on UK technology and knowledge to improve and innovate new products.

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